Volunteer Wall of Pride

Thank you for volunteering! We simply could not do this without your help and your time.

You can sign up for events here

The following parents have generously donated their time (or PB&J) to support the football programs during the 2019 season. When will we see your name on the Wall of Pride?

Ellen Ingram, Connie Nieves, Jamie Strasser, Shelly Wilson, Cathie Kyle, Jerad Kyle, Dawn Michael, Justina Grimble, Robin Nesbitt, Steven Ruttell, Ashlee Relford, Darrell Lyons, Janice Norton, Noella Gulick, Allison Hollenshead, Andrea Kucharski, Erika Hatcher, Heather Beckwith, Linda Syvongsa, Melissa Trujillo, Tosha Donaldson, David Hart, Tori Withers, April Starling, Shawn Bryant, Renee Bergstrom, Angela Lewis, April Dawson, Bruce Fuentes, Cathie Kyle, Dj Nicholls, Gary Hess, Jenifer Bowers, Joelle Morrison, John Rein, Lisa Elliott, Lisa Lash, Marvin Marshall, Kirk Bergstrom, Misato Zueger, Susan Shearon, Teresa Thompson, Jeff Darley, Aaron Ingraham, Angie Nicholls, Janelle Benton, AJ Johnson, Reginald Taylor, Shannon Goodrich

It takes many volunteers to run a football program. Each family is expected to work 5 events. If something comes up that prevents you from keeping your volunteer commitment once you’ve signed up, please try to find a replacement for your shift. If you cannot find a replacement, please update your signup, and let us know so we can find a replacement.

How can you help? We need help in all sort of activities. This can be on the side line holding flags, working 1/2 a game at the booster merchandise table, providing salad or dessert for team dinners. There are plenty of on the field and off the field opportunities.

Some volunteer spots can be filled by donating needed materials for service shift credit. For example: PB&J. During the season, we need jars of peanut butter and squeeze jelly. For those needs we will open and close the Sign Up Genius volunteer window throughout the season.

We use Sign Up Genius to help us fill and track events and volunteer requests. I am sure many of you have seen it, or used it in the past. In case you haven’t the navigation is simple.

Make sure you Click on the various tabs to see all the various opportunities.

Definitely look at games and events that are NOT at your players level, this will let you help us out, but then go be a fan in the stands during game time. EG: Work the merch table as a Freshman parent during the JV game.