2021 Snap Raise

The 2021 Smoky Hill Buffaloes football team will be making a trip to Florida in early September. As part of the fund raising efforts we are going to use Snap Raise to get players the funds they need to reach their travel goals.

For Players

Pretty simple: Step 1: Sign up, Step 2: Add a picture – Smile and take a selfie!, Step 3: Add a minimum of 20 email addresses, you can also add cell #’s for text messages. You can add more than 20. The Snap Raise starts April 27th. There are going to be prizes every one can earn but YOU MUST add a minimum of 20 email addresses to be eligible for prizes. In our 2019 Snap Raise our top 3 players raised over $800 each, and our team was just short of $15000! This is a easy way to get your travel funds knocked out. You can do it on the couch in less than an hour.

Ready to go now? SIGN UP Team code is: 400-840-002

Here are the is what signing up looks like:

Team code is: 400-840-002

Here are set up steps and adding emails:

Here is adding texts:

Here are the social media, prizes and the set up progress steps:

You can sign up right now, via this link

Player FAQ:

Only 20 emails? Yes 20 is the minimum. But, just like reps on the bench, doing the minimum only get’s you minimal gains. The more you add, the greater your donation amount will be.

The goal is $500 for this campaign, but the trip cost is $1800, if I get more than $500 in donations, do I get to keep it for the trip? YES! The more donations you get, the less work you’ll have to do on the other fundraisers this year!

What happens if I do not get 20 email addresses? You are not eligible for any prizes from this fundraiser. It will affect the total $ you get in donations. Get as many donations as you can!

Do I really need a picture? Yes! Snap Raise has shown us that if there is a picture on your profile you will earn more donations.

How can mom and dad help? Do not have your parents log in to your account, your parents do not need to create a 2nd account. Ask them to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc., or to forward the email they will get from you. Ask them to share their contacts with you. Get on their devices, log into SNAP Raise online, copy and paste email address from their email address book

For Parents

Help your players out. Last year one player used his dads laptop, and copied out all 800 contacts into the SNAP Raise web portal. He got over $800 in donations!

How can I help? Do not create you own account. Do not log in to your kids account. Share the email message, and share the fundraising link via social media. Campaign Fund Raising link

Sample message for sharing, copy this into your social media.

In September 2021, my son’s football team is going to take a trip to Orlando Florida to play in an out of state game. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for him and his teammates. He can’t get there on his own, so I am reaching out to you to help him with a donation to his Snap Raise account. His goal is to raise $500.00 or more, to go towards the trip. This is a tax-deductible donation and all the proceeds go directly to his travel account. Please help him out. You can donate via this link: Campaign Fund Raising link

How do I get help if I get stuck? Contact the boosters via the Contact us page.