Senior Tributes

The football program is back and has an exciting new addition to it: Player Tributes! If you would like to give your Senior a shout-out in this year’s program please choose a size you’d like to have and click ‘pay here’. Once payment is received, you will receive a template of the chosen size and directions on how to complete it. All tributes MUST be completed and turned back into the correct email by August 1 to be included in the program.

All proceeds for tributes will go to boosters to help support the costs or meals and equipment for the 2022 season and is a tax deduction.

All Sales are Final so PLEASE make sure you proof your spelling! The Board and the printing company will make NO changes to the wording or layout. Please ensure that the photo and wording are within the Parent and Player Code of Conduct or it may be excluded.

Half Page (5.5″h x 4.25″w) – $100 If you are ready to go for a half page add click here

Quarter Page (5.5″h x 2″w) – $50 If you are ready to go for a quarter page add click here

Payments will be collected online and once complete your tribute will be submitted.

Please contact if you have any questions.