Varsity banquet date change and Weight room

Hello JV-Varsity players and parents. Due to some scheduling conflicts inside the school, the date and times for our upcoming Varsity Player Banquet has changed. Please update your calendars accordingly.

The new date is November 18th, starting at 5:00pm in the cafeteria, then moving to the auditorium after dinner for awards. If you have not RSVP’d yet please click this link to RSVP. We do need some helpers to setup and tear down. Volunteer here if you can assist.

Weight Room Upgrade: A school wide fundraiser:

Football probably uses the weight room more than any other sport in the school, and our weight room is overdue for a revamp in equipment. Reid Heller, the SH Campus director and PE Department coordinator Breana Duncan asked if we could share this with our football family. If you have the means, there is a QR/click the link to donate directly:

If you are willing to give feedback anonymously via your phone during the month of November you could use the Hundred X Cause app (notes below) to add gains to the project goal. This costs you nothing, and is a great way to provide funds! There is a message and details below from the school. Help out if you can. FYI: when you join a HundredX Causes program, your personal information is not sold or shared. During the 30-day campaign, you will receive reminders from HundredX to submit feedback, which is why you submit your contact information. You may opt out at any time.

Hello Smoky Hill Community,

As you may know, we are working to revamp our outdated weight room. I am reaching out to you because there’s a super cool way you can help support this project by simply by sharing your feedback on brands you care about. The best part? It doesn’t cost you anything and only takes a few minutes of your day!

HundredX Causes is a way for people to give without spending to a cause they care about – just by sharing their opinions.

Here’s how it works: Starting November 1st running through December the 5th, each time you share a quality brand opinion with HundredX, up to $1.60 goes towards the weight room. You can personally create up to $120 of value (75 opinions).

Please click HERE or text “GIVE” to 90412 to sign up and learn more about the program. I’d love for you to participate on behalf of Smoky Hill High School Weight Room! We have the opportunity to create thousands of dollars together (without opening our wallets)!


Smoky Hill High School.