We need board members :-)

Greetings Buff Parents,

Looking forward to meeting everyone and supporting our team this fall, it’s going to be an amazing season for our team.

The Smoky Hill Touch Down Club is a non-profit organization that supports the Smoky Hill High School football program.  We are a fundraising organization committed to helping the players and coaches achieve success both on and off the field.  We rely on parent volunteers to maintain an enthusiastic football program within our community.  We have a lot to accomplish this summer before the games kick off in August and we need your help.  Please reach out and connect with us, we’d appreciate your support and assistance. The time commitment varies, but in a lot of cases is only a couple of hours a week, a few weeks each month.

Below are a few of the much needed areas of assistance we are looking for:

  • Grade Parents Representatives for all levels
  • Sponsorship Support
  • Summer events coordination support
  • Marketing Support

Thank you all for your time and efforts,

The Smoky Hill Touch Down Club

Warm Regards,

Tamara Vugrin – Junior Parent Rep.

PH 8087791017