Message from Coach Thenell

October 2, 2021

As many of you know, we are through week 6 of the season. The players have played their guts out against a very tough and demanding schedule. There are 4 tough and demanding games to go. We have focused our season on culture and keeping our guys dialed in on improving each week with a consistent emphasis on our team goals. Competing and fighting at the highest level is not easy and the players deserve your full support and encouragement. I ask parents to help make sure grades are where each player needs to be each week and understand eligibility matters. We need everyone on our team down the stretch. Our goal of making the playoffs is alive and reachable and the coaching staff is working hard and long to make everyone proud of this football team.

Thank you for supporting Smoky Hill Football and GO BUFFS!

Tom Thenell, Head Football Coach, Smoky Hill High School.