Donors and sponsors

If you missed our parent board meeting we covered our annual budget needs, and our biggest concern is that we will not be getting a major donation of $5000.00 from Game Day Media this year. The 2020 season drastically impacted their business model and they are not doing any school sponsorships for 2021. Boosters gets to start it’s year with a gigantic $5000.00 gap in our funding!

Not the best news, right?! We have adjusted our donors and sponsorship plans are are reaching out to our parent body to see if you can help us out. You can donate as a family, use the Amazon Smile Program, or add Smoky Hill to your King Soopers card account to help us out.

We cannot run our program without the generosity of our football families and the various partners to make the season run. The booster club is always looking for way to generate income to provide that support. Whether you are a corporation or family who is blessed enough to provide direct support through a donation, or looking to increase their presence in the Smoky Hill neighborhood by becoming a season sponsor we should have a plan that matches your budget.

If you an help us directly with a donation, or know of a potential sponsor please head on over to the web site and review some options. How you can help