4-22 KSA parent meeting notes

Hello parents,

Here is a overview of what we talked about tonight.

We have a GIGANTIC ask. We need our Freshman (2024) parents to talk with your player and get and answer to Coach Thenell TOMORROW whether they will be going or not. We have to finalize our player count TOMORROW, Friday the 23rd. Keep reading to get some more information on this trip.

Overview of what Coach Thenell talked about:

A week ago, we were not going, now we are and we are all excited to go. There has been a tug-of-war between players who are telling us they want to go, and the pandemic. We all believe that we will be back to almost 99% normal by the time the players are headed out in September. This week, several Freshman players (2024), expressed interest in going and Coach Thenell decide to ask all the Freshman players if they want to go. Right now, we have 56 players who want to go. This trip is 100% optional, and players who cannot go for any reason will have the EXACT same football experience for the 2021 season. If your freshman player wants to go, we need them to tell Coach Thenell or Coach Copp by end of the day Friday the 23rd.

What Boosters talked about:

We have partially updated the KSA trip information page, please take look at it, please note that is not 100% complete yet, but will be early next week. Head over there now to refresh your memory, or to get new information if your player is class of 2024. On April 27th (Tuesday of next week) a lot of things will be solidified. This includes: fund raising, existing players (2022, 2023) travel account balances (funds raised), KSA account balances (Funds sent, your deposits paid) etc. We will be sending out an update as soon as the data is all ready on the 27th.

Thank you for your continued support for your kids, and your patience as we crash re-start the entire trip process!