Buff Cards & Parent meeting reminder


Today, boosters were on the practice field to kicked of our Buff card fundraiser. You can find all the details about Buff Cards here

Here are the cliff notes:

We sell Buff cards every year to help full the gap in funding for the football program. 80% of your players raised funds will go in to their travel account for our fall trip in 2021. The other 20% goes to support the program directly. We have set up the program to work with the pandemic, players can sell cards 100% online.

Here are some highlights that your player go today:

Make sure you scan the QR code you got on your hand out or go to https://shtdc.org/bcp to get Snap/IG/Twitter ads you can copy and paste to sell online! Remember: The person who sells the most cards will get $150.00 cash! Sell goals: each player sell 25 cards. We already have pictures created that your player, or you can copy and paste into social media, email, text to help make selling easy!

How to get to selling 25 cards? Sell online via text: text FUNDU to 44944 pay for it online with a credit/debit card and a card will be sent via the mail.

Important Dates:

First check in: Sell 13 by 10-7, get out of running the next day at the end of practice. Final check in: sell 25, or more cards. Hand in any remaining cards and collected cash.

Some of the prizes:

  • Top seller $150
  • 2nd place $50
  • Sell 20 cards, get a free card to use or sell, get to pull prize $ out of the cash grab bag
  • Sell 25 cards, get everything listed above, and get a personalized Buff Football hoody with your name on it.
  • For every 5 cards after 25, keep adding on cash grabs and extra cards to sell of use.
  • Last year our top seller (60 cards) got 6 free cards, 7 cash grab pulls and prize money totaling over $180!

We will dedicate additional time during Monday’s parent booster meeting to cover Buff Cards, please join us to get all the details!