Buff cards 1/2 way there

Congratulations to the following players who reach the 13 card goal by the 10-7 check in: Gauge Urban, Grant Cann, Harper Beckwith, Ivan Hucalo, Jakob Nieves, Jaxon Thompson, Jordan Fields, Kevin Brooks, Logan Taylor, Logan Trujillo, Max Zueger, Quincy Johnson, Yarion Reed. You get to skip conditioning at the end of todays practice.

Buff cards Sell-a-thon

Tonight is our 1hr, sel-a-thon for Buff Cards. Remember that 80% of the proceeds go to you! This is a stupid easy way to sell cards. Pick at least 20 people who are your biggest fans and reach out to them via text/snap/any social media asking for their support. Send them something like this: “Hi grandma, my football teams is raising money for this season and I am asking if you can help me out. Just text FUNDU to 44944 and buy a Buff card for $20.00. Your purchase is 100% tax deductable and will help me and my team a lot.”

I want all of you to know that this is the least favorite part of the booster job. It is unfortunate that we are asking your kids to “shill for football”. We are looking forward to being done with the necessary evil part of football this time next week. These fund-raisers make sure that boosters have the funds needed to help kids have the best possible experience. We really appreciate your help, having your kid sell cards, letting them co-opt your contacts and invading your social media to fund raise.