CHSAA posts sports calendar!

Hello Smoky Parents! We have an official start of the season date: Feb 22,2020. You can see details at the CHSAA web site.

It is nice to have something to look forward to! Boosters will be adjusting parent meetings and fund raising efforts and look forward to all of our players, coaches and family members staying healthy and safe in our extended off season.

Here is a message from Head Coach Tom Thenell:

Any pre-season lifting, practices or work-outs will be addressed when we start school.  This is new for everyone and we will make the most of it.  I’m really proud of the kids and how they are handling all the changes that have/are constantly going on in their lives.  I promise everyone we will be as prepared as anyone can be for our season. We will take our best shot in every game no matter the opponent.  More info will be posted as I understand what we can do and can’t do.  The coaching staff will never give up on the season and know they are always there for the kids. Again, if anyone needs anything contact me or a position coach and we can work anything out.  My sports training classes are 4R and 4G and I will see most of the kids in class.  If there are kids who are not in my class, you have to go through the counselor to get in.  Take care Buff family and see you soon!