Yes, we are still going to FLA in September

Hello football players and families. We wanted to reach out to you today to discuss some concerns that have come up in the ongoing wake of the national response to the Covid-19 viral outbreak and how it will impact our September trip. The short answer, we will see little impact.

KSA is going to stop processing any payments for March and April at this time. This ensures we can press pause on the trip if necessary. 

They are aware that Cross Roads VB tournament got cancelled, and our NCAA bracket fundraiser has been cancelled.

Boosters have already started to look at other fund-raising projects to replace these two, and make sure that those players that are fund-raising 100% of their trip will have success in reaching their goals.

KSA does not believe there will be any problem traveling in September. All of the corporate entities involved in the trip have already agreed to issue credits if our travel plans are rescheduled or cancelled out right.

If you have not purchased travel insurance, you might want to consider taking it out, just as a worst case scenario. You can contact KSA via our program manager Jamie to get details on what coverage it provides, the limitations, and how to add it on. The cost is $89.00.

Please continue to check the CCSD web site for updates on school closures, activities changes, and events and services the district provides (meals for title one students, etc.) You can also get information from the CDC on Covid-19

All of us would like to wish you all a happy extended spring break, and we hope you and your family continues to stay safe, is diligent and stays healthy.