Cross Roads tomorrow!

TLA Events has sent over a few notes for all the volunteers.

Check-in Kiosks: For set up; all Kiosks will be set up in HALL F for set up. HALL F is on the North-West side, on the exhibit level. To Check in, walk up put in your name and password (pass1234 unless you changed it.) that you signed up with

After set up, the Kiosks will be located around the venue.

Get an interactive map of the center Once it opens pick EL (Event Level) to see the Halls

Lunch will be provided for set up on Mar 4th and 5th and for tear down on Mar 15th. Water will be available. For all other days you need to bring or plan to buy food

Take breaks, there is no structured break times. Make sure you take a break from time to time.

If you are not using light rail the recommendation for parking is to use the Spot Hero web site. You can download the app (Android/iPhone) and it will show you open spots. Parking on the Champa side of the venue is available as well.

When will you get paid? TLA will close out on right after the even is done on the 16th. Front Range Volley Ball will send a payment to the football Boosters. It is expected that those funds will take no longer than 2 weeks. If you are counting on these funds to cover your March 15th KSA payment, please contact KSA – Jamie, via email and make her aware of your situation.