FLA trip – February Updates

We have collected all of the current posts and information into a dedicated KSA page, just in case you missed our meeting. It will be updated as events are added. You can see that here.

The proceeds for: Snap Raise, Complete Spectrum and Coach Stones Super Bowl Squares have all been sent off to KSA, and will be applied by end of business Wednesday, Feb. 12. All donations to your player will be applied to his travel account.

The next KSA payment dates are scheduled for the 15th. Fundraising donations will be applied to your player’s travel account, and the next payment will be deducted form your travel account balance. You can see details on how that will work on the KSA page

February fundraisers: Rock+Paper+Scissors tournament and Colorado Crossroads Volleyball Tournament work sign up. We’ll have more details on both events as they become available.