Snap Raise & CSFS fund- raisers

We have 3 days left on our 1st Florid trip fund-raiser: Snap Raise. You still have some time to help your players get donations. If you need instructions see the Snap Raise Page.

Super shout out to the donors who have generously helped out with our Snap Raise fundraiser! You can see the full list of donors here.

Up next: Get $50, per person by sitting and listening! Courtesy of Complete Spectrum Financial Services. There are 2 planned sessions, and seating is limited to first come, first served. You can sign up for the event via the invitation link. There is a limit of 4 attendees to both sessions per player.

Super Bowl Squares is on deck! Right after NFC/AFC champion ship games complete, we will be launching our squares fundraiser. This is an on-line, buy squares, name the player you want to support game. 70% of all funds go to players, 30% will go to prizes. Sign up, pick squares, get a link to pay online. We’ll have more details coming up next week including social media sharing information.