KSA meeting recap

Here is a recap on the parent meeting concerning our teams planned Florida trip for September 2020. It is pretty long, and has a lot of information. For details on the trip and its itinerary. please see the KSA documents listed at the bottom of this post.

High lights:

  • Trip leaves September 2, 2020, returns on September 6, 2020
  • Players will share a room, cost for the trips is going to be $1739.00 per player. This includes everything: Flights, room, meals, shuttle services, park access, etc. The only thing kids may want to bring money for is any souvenirs they want to purchase while there.
  • Boosters have arraigned a lot of fund-raising opportunities for players to cover the entire cost of the trip. See the fund-raising notes below.
  • A deposit of $200.00 is due on January 17th ? We need to have your player registered for the trip by then to ensure that we are guaranteed flight and hotel space. If a parent is attending as a tag along, your deposit is due on January 17th
  • Any funds raised will be transferred directly to your KSA travel account upon close out of the event.
  • Direct cash donations can be handed in at any time, and boosters can also provide a direct pay-pal link for any player who needs it. Example; Grand ma wants to give $100.00 but doesn?t want to snap raise, or buy calendar dates.

Fund Raising opportunities.

Boosters have provided several fund raising opportunities with 3rd parties and will have additional booster led fund-raisers through July 2020. We have some details for January?s fund-raisers below. Additional fund-raisers are listed, so you?ll know what is scheduled. We will send out blasts with detailed notes as these fund raisers are kicked off.

For January:

We have a Snap Raise campaign happening right now. It started end of school in December. There are plan details here. This is a very easy fund-raising effort. All you need to do is sign up, add email or phone number for text messages, and add your picture to your account. The Snap Raise system will send texts and emails for you.? We set a goal of $500 per player. Several players have reached that goal. That could be 1/3 of the total trip cost.? Snap Raise ends January 17th.

Complete Spectrum Financial Services ? How to fund college seminar. Tony Manfredi with Complete Spectrum Financial Services is offering $50.00 donation, for each participate (Maximum 4 per player) to attend one of two sessions on tips and tricks to get college tuition paid for. There is nothing to buy, all you have to do is show up and listen.

Super bowl squares. This is a pool game; 100 squares comprise the pool’s board. The board is a 10×10 grid of boxes where each row and column are assigned a number from 0 to 9. At the end of each quarter of the Super Bowl, the last digit of both NFL teams’ score is compared to the grid to determine a winner. Boosters will host a pool online, all the player or parent needs to do is get participants to sign up, pick squares and pay for them. Participants will see picked squares online, in real time. A copy of the completed picked squares will be posted the day of the game at the booster web site so you can follow online if you want to. We will have the pool ready to go prior to the NFC/AFC championship games are done, and the Super Bowl teams are decided.? You?ll have over 2 weeks to send out invites via text, email, or in person. If we have a lot of demand, we will add additional squares. Boosters will provide sample messages you can copy/paste into social media. We might even do this again in March for March Madness. 70% of funds raised go directly to the players, 30% goes to the pay outs for quarter, half and final scores. Championship weekend is January 19th. Our pool will start on the 13th. Game day is February 2nd. The pool will stop accepting squares on Feb 1st.

Aramark: This will be on-going through August.

Every year Aramark provides workers for venues like: Pepsi Center, Dick?s Sporting Goods Park, Paramount Theater and Fiddler?s Green, and they need workers to help staff these events. For example, at Dick?s Sporting Goods Park, they typically need over 150 workers to asset in food vending alone. We have contacted them to get set up in their Non-Profit Organization (NPO) system so we can get sign-ups opportunities for event. If you were to work two or three events, you could raise $250-300. We?ll have more on sign-ups, and other details as soon as we get them.


Cross Roads volley ball tournament workers needed. One of the largest volley ball regional tournaments happens in March at the Denver convention center. The Tournament needs set up, tear down, and tournament workers. Family members, fellow students can also provide help and get credit for your account.  We will have a sign up for this last week of January, or the first week of February.

Here is a break down on days and rates for workers:

Set up: Players, family, friends can provide labor.

  • Wed     Mar 4  8am ? 4pm      $15/hr
  • Wed     Mar 4  4am ? 9pm      $10/hr
  • Thr       Mar 5  8am ? 4pm      $15/hr
  • Thr       Mar 5  4am ? 9pm      $10/hr
  • Fri        Mar 6  8am ? 4pm      $15/hr

Tournament: Players only

  • Sat/Sun/Mon Mar 7/8/9         7am-9am        $10/hr
  • Sat/Sun/Mon Mar 13/14/15   7am-9am        $10/hr

Tear Down: Players, family, friends can provide labor.

  • Sun Mar 15     3pm ? ? (usually 9pm)             $10/hr

Players may be eligible to get dismissal from school from Coach Thenell if they are not in grade jeopardy.

How much could you earn?

  • If a player managed to work all shifts, you can max out at $640.00
  • If a player and mom or dad worked a few shifts, say Mar 4 Wed 8-4, Thr Mar 5 8-4 and Fri Mar 6 8-4, they could earn $720.00 ($360.00 each)

That gets us through the next 2 months. Here are some remaining events. We will send out more details as we get closer to their start time.


K-5th grade flag football. Up to 40 teams will need football players to coach and referee games. Typically, this is a two-hour commitment each week. 1 hr practice, 1 hr games, for 10 weeks.


Calendar Fund Raise. Players can sell the days for the month of May for their date value. For example; ?Hey Aunt Judy what are your 3 favorite days of May? ?She says, ?3rd 12th and 20th? The player would then sell Aunt Judy those 3 days for $3, $12, and $20.00, total $35.00. If you sell all the days of the month of May you can earn $348.00.? Players will be put into teams with a team captain. Boosters will have prizes for teams to compete for.


Ads and buff card sales, sell an ad for the program, or signage at games, sell buff cards 80/20 split. 80% buff cards sales go to players.

Some answers to common questions that came up last night:

Q: I want to go can I, how much does it cost? Will I be with the players?

A: Yes you can go, the cost is the same as a players trip, see the Tag Along KSA document. Your deposit is due Jan 17th. You will be in the same hotel, but you are not chaperoning players, there is a separate itinerary for parents for that week end.

Q: I am thinking of going and have another small child, what is that cost?

A: Please contact Jamie (see below) on that

Q: Can my snap raise funds go to my deposit.

A: Sorry, due to timing the payments for Snap Raise will happen after the deposit deadline.

Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: Yes, it is. If your player crushes fund raising, you will get back any leftover funds.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Everyone has the option to accept or decline the Refund Guarantee Protection (RGP) option.  This is an additional $89 per person cost added to the overall total balance due.  The RGP would allow you to cancel for any reason (injury, disqualification, family emergency, etc) up to 72 hours prior to the arrival date. The RGP does NOT cover flights. Cancellation prior to 60 day window with RGP = $89 RGP + $50 flight cancellation fees.  The rest of the monies paid to date would be refunded. Cancellation within 60 days of the trip with RGP = $89 RGP + $350 Flight cost cancellation fees. The rest would be refunded.

If you do NOT accept the RGP, the cancellation policy is as follows: 

If you cancel your reservation, please be aware the following penalties are enforced by our suppliers and will affect any refunds:

  • Cancel up to 180 days prior to the trip, you forfeit your deposit
  • 179-150 days prior to travel: Deposit + 200 per person
  • 149-100 days prior to travel: Deposit + $300 per person
  • 99-60 days prior to travel: Deposit + $400 per person
  • 59-0 days prior to travel: full penalty of all deposits and payment

Q: For cross roads, how do I get my kid there?

A: Even if they are a licensed driver, we recommend you use the light rail station at Nine Mile to get to the Convention Center. There is a direct stop right at the venue.

Q: For cross roads, can kids get a ride form Smoky to Nine mile? Can they get out of class?

A: We are going to look at maybe having a shuttle for kids form Smoky to Nine Mile. Parents will still need to plan to get their kids at Nine Mile after the comeback. Yes if your player is not in grade jeopardy he can get a dismissal pass form Coach Thenell/Coach Copp to work the event.

Q: I need help, who do I contact?

A: If you need help, or have questions about the KSA trip, deposits, payments, etc contact our KSA rep Jamie via email: jamie@ksaevents.com

A: If you need help with a particular fund raiser please contact your player booster rep or the boosters via the contact us page.


KSA athlete hand out

KSA Tag along hand out

Booster parent meeting agenda

Letter from Coach Thenell