Parent pick up reminders

Hello parents. We have a message from the Smoky Hill security office and coaches about players getting left at the school after practices and games. In some cases, players are getting left behind an hour after a game.

These days just about every player has a phone, or access to a friend’s phone, and can communicate when they are returning to the school after games. You should already have an idea of when your player will be returning to the school after a game, or if a practice is ending early (day before a game) and can make a better effort to pick your player up on time. This is a big safety issue, and it is also a burden on coaching and security staff having to stay at the school until your player gets picked up.

The booster club works hard on making sure that security and facilities helps us get access to the buildings for events, like dinners and board meetings. When we hear about players getting left behind, at night for an hour after a game, that undermines the work we have done to make sure that the booster organization is not a burden to the security and facilities staff.

Thank you for your attention on this.