Parent’s behavior at games

Parents, we all want our players to succeed, but we need to maintain a responsible level of encouragement while not inciting your player to make bad choices.

This is a reminder that CHSAA, CCSD, and Smoky Hill high school require all our parents and players to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. There was a minor incident on the Freshman field where a Smoky player and a Rangeview player went after each other. Both players were ejected, both players will most likely have to miss this week’s games due to CHSAA rules. Coach Thenell can decide to remove players from the program for activities that get players removed from games, or from activities resulting in suspensions from school. During this unfortunate event, several parents were encouraging their players to go, “Jump into the pile” to “Protect the team”. This behavior will lead to an automatic ejection, and suspension from the following week’s games.

At all levels, parents need to refrain from interacting with players, coaches and referees during game time. Please note that all players are required to ride the bus to and from all games, unless previous approval has been given by your team’s coaches. If you need to grab your player and leave right away, contact your coach ahead of game time.

Thank you for your attention on this! Go Buffs!