Hi Pod Video Operators

Parents and supporters!

Coach Copp here with an important plea, we will need help with video soon. We currently have a student who videos from the press box but we are upping our game and technology to better the team by getting a HiPod camera set up for the end zone. Once this is ready to go (hopefully this week) we will need a volunteer or 2 to help set it up and then record the games each week. Set up is about 10 minutes.

Why is this important you ask? The endzone view of the game focuses on the offensive and defensive line in particular. Coaches and the players can better assess our strengths and areas where we can get better as a team with the addition of end zone video. I would like adult volunteers for this effort, in the past students have not been careful with our HiPod equipment and in the past we end up with broken or lost equipment. I will show the volunteers how to set up and take video with this equipment. It would be brought to each game via the team bus, all we need is a body, or two to make it all happen. By doing this you will be helping the team get better each week as we move towards our ultimate goal of winning a state championship.

Please let our parent boosters know if you can volunteer for this asap, thank you

See what the Hi-Pod captures (just check out a few minutes of the video)