We need more volunteers for tomorrow.

Hi parents, we are looking at our signups for tomorrow’s dinner, and we are short a few items, and some people power. If you missed it, the Signup Genius is open for sign ups for the season, please help us out by signing up. You can sign up for events here.

As an example; for tomorrow, we need more salad and deserts. To volunteer to bring salad you need to bring in 60oz of salad and a bottle of dressing. For a desert bring in 30 cookies, or small cup cakes. Pretty much you can drop off and go, and you might spend about $10.00! If you want to help with set up and tear down, it is about 90 minutes of time to wipe tables, set up food, etc.

Dinner starts at 6, we would need your donations, or our help by 5:30pm please.