Buff Card wrap up today

Hello parents! Happy Friday. Players will be completing buff card activities today. We need your player to turn in any unsold cards, along with any funds collected since their last check in.

Your player is responsible for $600.00. This is the value of the 30 cards handed out to your player. Players have turned in funds in 2 previous checks ins. We are looking to get the remaining cards and funds, which will total $600.00.

Example: First check in, a player sold 12 cards, turned in $240.00. Second check in, he sold 15 more cards and turned in $300.00. He did not sell any more cards, for final turn in he would give us 3 cards back worth $60.00. His total turn in is $600.00.

Hand in will be ongoing during the diner portion of Smoky’s got Talent, from 6:00pm-7:00pm. If you are joining us for dinner, great! if you can’t make it, you should plan to drop off cards at that time.

Coaching will NOT LET your player practice if they do not hand in their final collected funds and unsold cards today. They have been saying this since we started, it has been told to your player at least 6 times.