SH FB May update

Hi parents. Hope you are coming into a easy landing at the end of the school year.  This is just an update on a few items related to the 2019 season summer camps, events and our next parent booster meeting.

Parent sign up, Did you sign up yet? 

Some of you have, and we thank you for that. Some have not and we wanted to remind you to please sign up so we can ensure you get timely communication that is relevant to your player. Take 90 seconds please and Sign up here. When we get into the season, parent reps will want to contact you by grade about a host of things, and you do not want to miss out on getting those messages.

Camp registration deadline approaching.

May 27th is the absolute deadline to sign up for camp.  If you do not sign up, you will not get issued any gear for 7 on 7 events, and cannot participate in July?s OTA camps or scrimmages. Go here to sign up for camp

Player Packs

We have partnered with Moor Soul Designs for this year on our player packs, you can visit the online store here:

Last years player pack was a set of 4 pieces at a cost of $135.00. This years pack has a total of 10 pieces to pick from. You can pick and choose which pieces you want. Only want 1 compression shirt? No problem! Want all 3 compression shirts? Go for it.  Pick 2 shorts, and 2 shirts (like last years packs? Awesome, that will cost you $15.00 LESS than the 2018 pack. Some of the pieces you can find are:

All player gear will ship directly to your home address. The deadline for orders will be June 16th.

Reminder: Player Weight training/practice starts back up next Tuesday the 28th. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

The next parent booster meeting is scheduled for July 10th, at Smoky Hill in the cafeteria at 6:30pm. Hope to see you there.

Thank you for your support – SH FB Boosters