Parent sign up is open

At the April parent meetings we mentioned we will be asking parents to go through a sign up form this year so we can sort out our email addresses, and match them to the correct kid and graduating year. This will allow (for example) the Senior reps to email senior parents directly, instead of a mass email to the entire group, etc. We are ready to let you at it.

The form works on your phone or computer, and takes less than 90 seconds to fill out. You can add up to 4 parents/guardians if you need to. You can also fill it out for just you and forward the signup link to your spouse/significant other if you like. The goal is to make sure we have all the right information so we communicate to parents. If you need to add more than 4 parents, please use the contact us page, and we can help you out.

The form can be found here: SIGN ME UP

When you sign up you can opt in to get a txt/sms notifications* when we post on the web site.  We will also send sign up details to our Sign Up Genius account to help make your sign up process faster going forward.

Please take a moment to fill this out so we can make sure you stay connected.

*SMS/TXT message rates from your carrier will apply. In some cases SMS/TXT messages are blocked by your carrier.