2019 Summer camp schedules and fees

Every summer Smoky Hill offers:

  • 9 weeks of training, weights, drills, conditioning
  • 10 days of OTA camp and scrimmage
  • We will have a player pack of gear that you can add. This will include several options for: shirts, shorts, and work out gear for your player. Last year the average cost for players packs was about $65.00 (compression shirt and shorts) with the maximum being $115.00. This pack is optional.
  • 7, 7on7 training events, this is an additional free set of events for non-lineman players.

What does it all cost if you pay the minimum?

Camp costs $65.00 to register.

Gear cost $65-110 depending on options

Registration for Cheery Creek Athletic fees $90.00 ? All of this fees goes to Cheery Creek School District.

Total costs to play for Smoky $265.00 BTW ? This year Cherry Creek High School football fess are $800.00 per player.

Please take a minute to register your player for camp ASAP: https://shtdc.org/2019-summer-camps

Training, OTA schedules:

  • Weight training schedule ? Phase 1: (All non- linemen, Offense and Defense)
  • Weight training schedule ? Phase 1: (Line man ADDITIONAL ? Offense and defense weight training)
  • Smoky HILL July Camp, scrimmage and season kick off BBQ:
  • Weight training schedule- Phase 2:
  • Weight training schedule ? Phase 2: (Line man ADDITIONAL ? Offense and defense weight training)
  • Dates and times? www.shtdc.org/calendar

7 X 7 events:

  • Several high schools get together at a stadium, players are grouped by skill set, and then run through drills. 7 on 7 will wrap up with mixed team scrimmages at the end of the 7 week event cycle.
  • Players will play with cleats, helmets and mouth guards for 7×7, and full pads for the scrimmages
  • The fee for 7on7 is included in your summer camp fee
  • Dates and times? www.shtdc.org/calendar

Vacation Time:

You are going to go out and check the calendar ( Dates and times? www.shtdc.org/calendar ) and see that football camp, OTAs,, training and 7on7 events starting on the 28th of May, and run through August 8th

How do you plan for your vacation?

Here some date ranges when camp activities are limited or not happening, AKA: vacation opportunities:

May 27 – 31

July 1 – 5

July 29 – AUG 2